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    At Google, we don’t just accept difference — we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees, our products, and our community. Apprentices become part of our mission to build great products for every user, and their different experiences help ensure that our products are as diverse as our users.

    Apprenticeships contribute towards the development of digital skills by providing opportunities for work and study. They can serve as part of your journey to a meaningful career. During the program, apprentices get exposure to different areas and teams at Google, while receiving external training and developing their professional skills on the job.

    Eligibility and application

    • Strong academic performance at any level of education or transferable experience, with a focus on subjects/fields that are relevant to the apprenticeship you are applying for.
    • Ability to speak and write in English and the local language (if that is not English) fluently and idiomatically.
    • Have authorization to work in the country where you are applying.

    Application materials (one file required)

    • An updated resumé
    • One or more of the following: a cover letter, responses to multiple short answer questions, the latest transcript available or an aptitude test depending on the track and location
    • If any items are missing from your application, you will not be considered for the program.
  • Location

    Program locations and dates

    We have several apprenticeship programs available across countries and areas.

    France: Opportunities in Software Engineering, Sales & Marketing, and HR. Applications open in March for a September intake in the same year. The duration ranges from 12-36 months. Reach out with questions at

    India: Opportunities in Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Information Technology and Project Management. The program is 12 to 24 months in duration depending on the track you are applying for. Applications will open in late 2022. Reach out with questions at

    Ireland: NFQ Level 6 Software Development. Applications will open in spring 2022 for an August 2022 intake. The program has a duration of 24 months. Reach out with questions at

    The Netherlands: The Data Centre Technician Apprenticeship will open for applications in spring 2022 for an autumn intake. This will be the practical part of a Dutch ICT MBO (middle-level applied) educational program under the SBB set of rules (the "Erkend Leerbedrijf"). The apprentices will be based in our data centre in Eemshaven and the program will last up to 34 weeks, depending on the school requirements. Reach out with questions at

    Switzerland: The Application Development Apprenticeship (Informatiker/in EFZ Applikationsentwicklung) is a 4-year program. Applications open in the summer for an August start in the following year. Reach out with questions at

    United Kingdom: Level 3 Digital Marketing, Level 3 Infrastructure Technology, and Level 4 Software Development. Applications will open in spring 2022 for an autumn intake. Duration ranges from 15 - 24 months. Reach out with questions at

    United States: Opportunities in Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Information Technology, Project Management, Software Engineering, and UX Design. Applications will open in spring for an August or October start. More information on tracks and locations can be found on the U.S. Apprenticeships tab. Reach out with questions at

    **Please note: applicants will only be considered for one program at a time.

  • U.S. Apprenticeships

    U.S. Apprenticeships

    We now offer apprenticeships at several of our U.S. Google offices:

    • Atlanta
    • Austin
    • Chicago
    • New York
    • San Francisco
    • Sunnyvale

    All apprentices will participate in on-the-job work experience and receive external training through a partner organization. Upon program completion, apprentices receive a nationally-recognized credential certified by the Department of Labor. Some of our tracks also include completing the corresponding Google Career Certificate.

    Please see below for information on each apprenticeship track. Note: applications for start dates in 2021 have closed for the IT, Software Engineering, and UX Design tracks but will likely open again on a similar timeline next year. For the other tracks, keep checking this page.

    Data Analytics: Data analysts collect, transform, and organize data in order to help make informed business decisions. The data analyst track is a 20-month program starting in October 2021 in either New York, Atlanta or Chicago. Apprentices on this track will complete the Google Data Analytics Certificate during the program.

    Digital Marketing: Digital Marketers drive brand awareness and lead generation through digital channels. The DM track is a 20-month program starting in October 2021 in New York.

    Information Technology: IT Specialists troubleshoot problems so computers and networks run correctly. The IT track is a 12-month program starting in August 2021 in either New York, Austin or Sunnyvale. Apprentices on this track will complete the Google IT Support Certificate during the program.

    Project Management: Project managers ensure projects within an organization are managed and completed with maximum value. The project management track is a 20-month program starting in October 2021 in New York, Atlanta or Chicago. Apprentices on this track will complete the Google Project Management Certificate during the program.

    Software Engineering: Software Engineers work on complex computer science solutions, develop scalable, distributed software systems, and collaborate on smaller projects that have universal appeal.The SWE track is a 20-month program starting in October 2021 in either New York or Atlanta.

    UX Design: UX designers make digital and physical products easy to use, accessible, and enjoyable.The UX design track is a 20-month program starting in October 2021 in either New York or San Francisco. Apprentices on this track will complete the Google UX Design Certificate during the program.

    If you have any questions on the above, please reach out to

  • FAQs


    Why is Google offering apprenticeships? Apprenticeships can create equitable pathways to develop digital skills. In giving apprentices the chance to earn a salary as they learn and gain work experience, we hope the result is a meaningful experience, a sense of community, and job readiness towards a career in tech.

    How do I apply? As soon as we begin accepting applications, please select the “apply” button on this page. Keep your eyes peeled on our page, and remember to review the list of required application materials. Applications will only be considered if all materials are included. For tips on resumé writing, please visit our Virtual Career Fair or our “Applying to Google” article.

    Are international applicants eligible to apply? International applicants are welcome to apply as long as they have work authorization for the country where they are applying, and meet all other minimum requirements listed in the job description.

    Are people with university degrees eligible to apply? We're happy to receive applications from candidates who already have a university degree, as long as it is in a different subject than that of the apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are great opportunities for individuals aiming to change careers so a previous degree or experience in another field shouldn’t be an issue as long as you meet the minimum requirements of the role.

    Is this a paid opportunity? Yes, all apprenticeships at Google are paid opportunities and apprentices will receive a competitive compensation package, including some benefits and perks.

    What does the selection process look like? The selection process is different for each apprenticeship program but it generally includes a call with a recruiter to assess motivation and eligibility for the role, and a series of in-person interviews onsite at a Google office (known as an interview day or assessment centre). The candidates will receive all the details for these sessions, including resources on how to prepare and what to expect.

    What happens after the apprenticeship? Apprentices receive career coaching and holistic support in developing their professional skills throughout the program. This means apprentices typically start their search for a full-time job or further education while still in the program!

    I am a local organization and want to work with Google’s apprenticeships program. How can I get involved? Please see the Location tab and email the alias for your respective country.

    If you have questions that aren't answered in our FAQs, please email the country-specific alias to reach the team. We’re happy to address any questions directly related to apprenticeships, but are unable to respond to other inquiries. We will not respond to spam, barraging messages, or messages that are primarily inflammatory or exploitative in nature.

  • Apprentice stories

    Apprentice stories

    Apprentices come from all over the globe and from all types of backgrounds. Hear from recent participants and learn more about Google apprenticeships by clicking through this site!

    “I attended trade school and was an electrician; I was struggling whether to go back to college — now I'm working to inspire young people of color to embark on their journey in STEM.” - Asia, Information Technology, U.S.

    “Highlight the skills you can bring to the table and shout about them. Be your own biggest cheerleader — how do you expect your potential employer to get excited about you if you can’t?” - Lumi, Digital Marketing, London

    “Google value[s] all different types of opinions and ideas…and we all have the same goal: creating the best products for our users.” - Larissa, Software Engineering, Zurich

    “[As an apprentice you have] a chance to learn something new every day. You will meet new people with different backgrounds and stories while working on a variety of challenges.” - Morgane, Sales and Marketing, Paris