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Google's Online Challenge

Google's Online Challenge
Multiple dates
Locations vary
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Google’s Online Challenge is a platform that presents a fair, unbiased opportunity for the candidate to engage in Google's programs and hiring process. By participating in a timed online challenge, Google gains a better understanding of the candidate’s skills while also providing them with insight into our programs/hiring process.This online challenge with a duration of 30 to 60 minutes will include questions that tests the following:

  • General Cognitive Ability: series of logical reasoning and problem solving questions that will help us gain a better understanding of the candidate’s cognitive skills. AND/OR
  • Role Related Knowledge: series of role related questions that will help us gain a better understanding of technical skills. AND/OR
  • Coding: series of coding questions or puzzles that will help us understand the candidate’s level of coding capability (In cases of Tech roles only)

Types of challenges

Depending on the requirement, the Challenge can be of the following types:

  • General Cognitive Ability: A 30 minute challenge consisting of multiple choice questions that will test the candidate’s logical/critical thinking. This has been used extensively for intern hiring for various business roles.
  • Role Related Knowledge: A 30 minute challenge consisting of multiple choice questions that will test a candidate’s role related knowledge. This has been used for technical hiring for Cloud and Hardware roles.
  • Coding: The format, consisting of 2 coding questions is used primarily for hiring for technical roles such as Software Engineering.
  • Role Related Knowledge + Coding: A combination of RRK based MCQs and coding questions.

Rules and regulations

  • The Challenge is by invite only. Look out for roles and opportunities on our careers page.
  • Challenge IDs are unique and should not be shared with anyone.
  • Challenge results are not shared with candidates.
  • The online challenge is only one aspect of your application and your overall profile is considered for the role.
  • The challenge window is fixed and the challenge cannot be rescheduled.
  • Retaking the challenge is not permitted.

For more details refer to our terms and conditions on the Online Challenge website.


When does Google's Online Challenge window open?

  • Please refer to the communications you received from the Google's Online Challenge team for the exact timeframe. If required, please convert to your relevant timezone to ensure that you complete the challenge within this period. Submissions will not be accepted once the window has closed.
  • We highly recommend that you allocate time to take the challenge well in advance of the deadline. While we don’t anticipate that you will experience any technical difficulty during the process, this will allow for you to troubleshoot problems in the window of time before the deadline.

What is the duration of Google's Online Challenge?

The challenge duration varies from 30 to 60 minutes and the final duration will be specified in the email sent to you prior to the round. A countdown timer can be found on the top right of the challenge page. Please attempt all questions during the time limit and ensure you have a stable internet connection.

I’m not sure if my responses have been captured. How can I be sure?

Your responses are auto submitted at the completion of the allotted time frame.

What do I need in order to participate?

A computer or laptop and an uninterrupted, good internet connection. We recommend opening up a new browser using Google Chrome or Firefox. Pen and paper plus a mathematical calculator may be required for some of the questions. For Coding Challenges you are required to code on the IDE provided and copy pasting is not permitted.

I can see multiple challenges in the landing page. Should I register for all?

No, please only register for the challenge you have been invited to. The Challenge name will be listed in your invitation email.

What if I want to participate in multiple challenges listed on the landing page?

Each challenge is by invitation only. Please check out our careers page to apply for other positions that may interest you.

Are challenge results shared with candidates?

Scores are not shared with participants. Google's Online Challenge is intended to provide insight into our hiring process and developmental programs and is only one part of Google’s hiring criteria, and/or evaluation of skills.

What if I am not eligible for the next round of the hiring process?

  • Google's Online Challenge is only one factor when assessing your application. The team will review your candidacy comprehensively and reach out to let you know if we are progressing with your application. If things don’t work out this time around, we encourage you to apply for other roles or developmental programs within Google!
  • For any other info on hiring at Google, please see https://careers.google.com/how-we-hire/.

Who do I reach if I face technical challenges during the challenge?

Please write to googleonlinechallenge-help-ticket@google.com and a member of Google's Online Challenge team will respond as soon as possible.