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Google Sandbox

Google Sandbox
Multiple dates
North America
Sandbox is coming to Miami, FL on March 30, 2023.
Applications open soon!


Ever wondered what it’s really like to be a Googler?

Google Sandbox is a program series designed for industry professionals to explore career opportunities while gaining deeper insight into Google's technology, business, and culture. Sandbox provides a platform to continue professional development, share best practices, and build new relationships with fellow professionals.

Gain new perspectives and skills with a diverse group of Googlers and participants

Though open to everyone, the program has a focus on people from communities and backgrounds that have been historically underrepresented in the tech industry. Google Sandbox programs bring local tech communities and Googlers together. We want all participants to walk away with a first-hand experience of Google and to gain a new skill (or a friend).

Building for Everyone

Since the beginning, Google’s mission has been to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful--with the goal of developing services that significantly improve the lives of as many people as possible. Not just for some. For everyone. We know that’s impossible without having a diversity of perspectives to develop next-generation technologies that change how millions interact. We’re determined to build a company that reflects the varied backgrounds, communities, and mindsets of our users. Google Sandbox helps us get there.

Watch to learn more about the Google Sandbox program.

What to expect

Who Can Attend Google Sandbox? Google Sandbox is currently open to technical industry professionals. If you’re a student, please check out some of our student-focused programs. Visit the Google Students site

Google Sandbox

Our partners

We proudly support a wide variety of organizations that share our commitment to building a tech industry that reflects the diverse audience it serves.

Through the Google Sandbox program, we partner with local, national, and global organizations to connect and engage with communities. To date, we’ve worked with almost 200 organizations. Organization members are encouraged to apply to Google Sandbox programs, and we’re proud to provide a unique glimpse into Google.

We’re always looking for ways to expand Sandbox and engage with a diverse set of organizations. Please email us at googlesandbox-events@google.com if you would like to partner.

Google Sandbox

Google Sandbox volunteers in a panel discussion

Participant quotes

  • “I’m excited that the Sandbox programs allow one to see what Google is all about. Google has an influence on so many things so to understand the process, the mindset, and the culture of Google is really interesting.” - Participant, Google Sandbox Miami

  • “One of the best parts of Google Sandbox was the ability to pick Googlers’ brains and ask questions. They were able to provide a different perspective to what we previously knew or thought we knew. It was also nice to see myself inside of them when they shared their personal journeys to Google. It’s definitely a place I can see for myself in the future, which I did not think about before.” - Participant, Google Sandbox Detroit

  • “I think Google Sandbox going to areas it hasn’t been before is a good addition to a city’s growing tech hub. It’s great that it provides a space for professionals and new grads to find jobs and to network.” - Participant, Google Sandbox Denver

Google Sandbox speakers sitting in front of a stage with the words 'Sandbox' displayed on the big screen.

Google Sandbox speakers

Upcoming Sandbox events

Sandbox is coming to Miami, FL on March 30, 2023. Applications open soon!

If you have any questions regarding the Sandbox program, please email us at googlesandbox-events@google.com.

Google Sandbox event