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Hardware Product Sprint (HPS)

Hardware Product Sprint (HPS)
March 21 - April 10
Available in US and Puerto Rico
Applications for 2022 are now closed


The Hardware Product Sprint (HPS) program is committed to increasing representation in tech by building a network of support for students who identify with historically excluded groups. HPS introduces students to tech industry best practices, diverse career paths to and within the tech industry, and an opportunity to apply concepts learned in school to hand-ons and collaborative projects. HPS introduces students to the product development process for consumer electronics by challenging students to design and build their own product.

During this 12 week program students will build a product via either the Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering path. Depending on students’ experience, background, and interests, they can select one of two tracks that HPS offers:

Mechanical Engineering: The course will introduce mechanical design concepts to create a high volume manufacturable product. This includes initial concept development, prototyping and device assembly.

Electrical Engineering: The course will cover microcontrollers, PCB design, assembly, and testing. The end result will be a working prototype of a consumer product.

Both tracks include:

  • Courses that identify some of the fundamentals of engineering that appear often in the consumer electronics space.
  • Materials, resources, and tools to design, ideate, and build a product.
  • A Google Hardware Engineer mentor who will serve as your product advisor over the course of the 12 weeks.
  • Opportunities to interact with Google Hardware engineers from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines.
  • A group of 1-3 peers who you’ll collaborate with and bounce ideas off of in order to build out your individual products.
  • Exposure and insight into Google’s internship programs and other career opportunities in the tech industry.

The program is open to students who meet all the minimum qualifications and we strongly encourage students that identify with groups historically excluded from the technology industry, including Women, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latinx, American Indian, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, students with disabilities, and veterans to apply. Previous participants of HPS are not eligible to reapply.


Who can apply?

To be eligible to apply, applicants must:

  • Be currently enrolled in or accepted as a full-time undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelors or an Associate degree at a college or university in North America
  • Intend to enroll in or be accepted as as a full-time student in a Bachelors program at an accredited university in the United States for the 2022-2023 academic year
  • Intend to graduate between December 2023 and 2025
  • Be studying aeronautical engineering, computer engineering/computer systems engineering, electrical engineering, manufacturing engineering, materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics engineering, product design or a closely related technical field
  • Be over 18 years of age when the program starts in May 2022
  • Be located in the United States or Puerto Rico for the entirety of the virtual program (our vendors can only ship HPS project parts to addresses within the United States)
  • Be able to commit 8 hours per week during the 12 weeks of the program (May - August, 2022)
  • Be fluent in English
  • Demonstrate passion for improving representation of underrepresented groups in hardware engineering and technology

Current and Summer 2022 Google interns are not eligible to apply.

Application Process

You will be asked to complete an online application which includes:

  • General background information (e.g. contact information and details about your current and intended college or university)
  • Resume/CV
  • Academic transcripts from your current institution (unofficial transcripts are accepted)
  • Response to one short answer essay questions

Essay Question:

The Hardware Product Sprint program is an opportunity to grow your skills and gain exposure to industry professionals and real world best practices. This program will require you to work alongside a team and be responsible for the build out of your own product in 12 weeks and you will likely encounter some bumps along the way.

In 300 or less words, tell us about a time that you were faced with a challenge and how you overcame it. Explain the challenge you encountered, the solutions you considered, what actions you took and the outcome of your efforts. Keep in mind that challenges can be big or small. We are looking for a demonstration of your problem solving skills in the situation (please note that the formal use of English grammar, punctuation, and/or spelling is not the top priority here, our reviewers will mostly be interested in the content of your answer.)

Important: Before starting the application, please have the following ready for upload:

  • PDF copy of your resume/CV
  • PDF copy of your current transcript (unofficial transcripts are accepted)
  • PDF copy of your short answer response

Please ensure that you enter your information accurately and we recommend that you submit your application in one sitting. Please review the FAQs for HPS. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to hps-na@google.com.

Application deadline: applications for 2022 are currently closed.


What is Hardware Product Sprint (HPS)?

HPS is an immersive, virtual program that introduces students to the product development process for consumer electronics by challenging students to design and build their own product. Throughout the program, students will have opportunities to connect with industry professionals and peers in order to build meaningful projects, receive tailored career development resources, and build a community of like-minded peers and Googlers.

When will the program take place?

HPS will take place virtually for 12 weeks during May through August of 2022.

What is the time commitment of the program?

Participants should plan to commit 8 hours a week to HPS during the 12 weeks of the program.

Can I save my application for later?

We recommend you complete the application in one sitting to ensure that no information is lost, but the application does have a save progress option.

Can I update my application after I submit it?

Yes, you can update your application at any time up until the deadline.

How will I know if my application has been received?

You will receive a confirmation email after your application is submitted.

When will I find out if I’ve been selected?

We’ll be reaching out to all students to notify you of our decision in May.

I am enrolled in a community college. Can I apply?

Yes, the application is open to current community college students who intend to transfer and be enrolled full-time in a Bachelors program in North America for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Will I have access to technical equipment during the program?

Yes, if you require access to the internet, a loaner laptop, and/or a webcam during the program, we can work with you to make those accommodations. You can share your specific equipment needs with us in the program application.

Is the program all-expense paid?

Yes, for the design and creation of your product, Google will cover the cost of the materials you’ll need in order to get it started.

What should I include in my resume?

We recommend including work experience, independent engineering projects, and extracurricular activities. If applicable you could also include: clubs and organizations, national society chapters, programming competitions & hackathons, teaching assistantships, research opportunities, developmental programs, distinguished academic awards, speaking engagements, community service/volunteer work, positions in DEI focused organizations, etc. For specific questions email hps-na@google.com We’re happy to address any questions directly related to the HPS program, but are unable to respond to other inquiries. We will not respond to spam, barraging messages, or messages that are primarily inflammatory or exploitative in nature.