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Inside Look



Inside Look is an immersive virtual program for Computer Science students from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. With tech talks, panels, technical interview practice and more, the program is designed to help participants to improve their skills and learn more about life at Google, preparing them for internship applications in the future.

The Inside Look program is committed to supporting diversity at Google and the tech industry as a whole. Students who are members of any group that has been historically underrepresented in the tech industry are encouraged to apply! Sign up using the form on the left if you'd like to hear from us when applications open for 2021.

Testimonials from past programs

“My main takeaway was that everything is possible and Google is just one unique, but not impossible, place to get in and that Googlers are just normal people and there is no reason we can't be among them.”

“The highlight for me was meeting everyone (everyone was so nice and the whole atmosphere was so positive and uplifting). All the talks were awesome but the one that stood out to me the most was "The Life of SWE/SRE/PM" talk. It was very interesting. It went beyond the job description that I would typically read and it made me catch a glimpse of the actual life as a Google engineer.”

“Thanks again for such a wonderful experience that not only gave me the opportunity to know first hand from all the cool products you develop, but more importantly to share how passionate you are for making an impact on the world, no matter which area of Google you work for. It was a pleasure and an honor to be selected and by far is one of the greatest experiences I've had.”

“Thank you for the Inside Look event - it was super awesome and very motivational! I literally decided to apply for an intern position at Google during that event. It allowed me to learn so much about Google - the challenges that engineers face every day, culture, office itself etc.”

“I met a lot of incredible people and learned a lot from them. The fellow participants and the Googlers that I got to know were really amazing and friendly. Additionally, all of the Googlers were very helpful and willing to explain each topic and answer any question happily, which was very admirable. The experience I had, in all aspects, was amazing and very much valuable!”

“Inside Look was a great opportunity to learn more about the role of Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), a position in which I was very interested. Having spent the previous few months working on large scale distributed storage systems, the chance to learn about Google Cloud helped put my previous work into perspective. Almost exactly a year after the event, I started as a full time Engineer at Google, training to be an SRE specializing in Google Cloud. Inside Look gave me a peek at life at Google and the challenging tasks facing engineers everyday, giving me the confidence to apply for such a role and the tools to successfully prepare for the interview process.”

“Thank you so much for this opportunity. I loved the event and I got more confident in thinking that I can pass the actual interviews and be happy working for Google. I extended my network with 31 amazing young computer scientists that I would have never had a chance to meet otherwise.”