Software Product Sprint

Software Product Sprint (SPS)

  • Overview

    Build skills together with Google’s Software Product Sprint

    Google's Software Product Sprint brings together university students and Googlers for 11 weeks of virtual programming and community building. The program’s mission is to build a network of support in order to increase representation in tech. Software Product Sprint students design and build web apps and receive tailored career development resources.

    Inclusion is centered in each cohort, with opportunities for students and industry professionals to connect across identities, experiences and interests.

    Program goals

    • Provide students practical experience with industry-aligned skills: contributing to open source software using Git and GitHub, conducting code reviews with/for teammates, extending an existing codebase, participating in distributed development, and designing new components and interfaces.
    • Connect students to a robust and enduring social network of diverse peers and Googlers
    • Support students in navigating their own unique career paths within CS
    • Provide exposure and insight into Google’s internship program and technical career opportunities.

    Invitation Process

    Software Product Sprint is currently an invite-only program. SPS sends invitations to students who have previously applied to Google or attended a Google campus event. Software Product Sprint also works alongside local community partners who nominate college students to join the program.

    Community Partner requirements:

    • Be a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization [school-based or community-based]
    • Work alongside at least 50 high-school or university students annually
  • Community Partner Eligibility

    Community Partner Eligibility

    Community partners must:

    • Be a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization (school-based or community-based)
    • Work alongside at least 50 high-school or university students annually

    If your organization would like to be reviewed and receive more information, please fill out this interest form. If your organization is a fit for SPS, you will be contacted to set up a thirty-min partnership call.

    Note: This interest form is only used to communicate with organizations. The SPS team won't be able to respond to candidates or accept applications through this alias, only potential community partners.

  • FAQ


    What is Software Product Sprint? SPS is an immersive, virtual experience that, through the development of a webapp will highlight the fundamentals of software engineering and web development. Throughout the program, students will have opportunities to connect with industry professionals and peers in order to build meaningful projects, increase social capital, and prepare for their short and long-term careers in software engineering.

    How can students apply? Software Product Sprint is an invitation-only program, but we are always looking for additional community partners to add to our network. Students who are interested in participating must be invited to apply by one of our community partners. (See the Community Partner Eligibility Tab for more information)

    What is the length of the program? The program is a total of 11 weeks.

    • Weeks 1-4: Participants build a digital portfolio and design an algorithm for a mini-web app. Each participant works independently, but has weekly check-ins with their Googler mentor and a peer team of 3 other students. Students will receive feedback from their mentor through weekly code reviews.
    • End of Week 4: Teams come together and ideate on their group’s webapp.
    • Weeks 5-8: Participants collaboratively design and build a webapp that is meaningful and relevant to their team.
    • Weeks 8-11: Participants sign up for 3 total mock interview sessions. The sessions can be collaborative (real-time coaching) or formal (conducted like a true industry interview). Participants will receive 1:1 interview feedback and tips for continuing to grow.
    • Throughout the program: SPS students will participate in exclusive career development opportunities and have access to a community of like-minded peers and Google engineers.

    Other questions? Don’t see your question answered on this page? Please email with additional inquiries.