Case Challenge

  • Overview

    Welcome to Google’s 2019 edition of Case Challenge. In this competition, students across participating business schools in India compete in teams, working together to provide innovative solutions to real life business case-study challenges in the field of digital marketing, product growth & user experience, and hardware sales. Qualifying teams stand to win cash prizes and pre-placement interview offers with Google.

    Case Challenge is open to first or second year students (irrespective of their specialisation) enrolled in a full-time two year flagship management program at one of the below business schools:

    North Zone:

    • Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi
    • Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi
    • Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad
    • Management Development Institute, Gurgaon

    South + East Zone:

    • Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
    • Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta*
    • Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
    • XLRI, Jamshedpur

    West Zone:

    • Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow*
    • Indian Institute of Management, Indore*
    • Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad
    • Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai*
    • S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai
    • Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, Mumbai**
    • National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai**

    *Students from these campuses are eligible to participate in all three case studies.

    **Students from these campuses are eligible to participate in the Product Growth and User Experience case study ONLY.

    Students from all other campuses are eligible to participate in the Digital Marketing / Smart Homes case study.

  • The challenge


    Registration starts on August 12, 2019 and will close on August 19, 2019. Students can form teams as per the team rules, and register via this form.

    How to enter

    The team must register before it can participate in the competition.

    • To enter the competition, the Team Leader must complete the registration form and provide required information about the members of the Team.
    • The Team may opt for the email address of the Team Leader as a point of contact for instructions on the Competition. The designated email address is necessary as specific communications/instructions regarding the competition will be communicated to the Team through this address. You are required to keep yourself updated on all emails issued to you.
    • The registration starts on August 12, 2019 and will close on or before 23:59 hours on August 19 2019.
    • Any questions or inquiries regarding the competition should be directed to

    Competition structure

    The competition includes a Campus Round, Zonal Round, and a National Finale to select the winning Teams. The language of the competition will be entirely in English.

    Round 1 (Campus Round)

    Making a Submission:

    As a part of the Campus round, competing teams representing the participating institutes are required to submit solutions to address the problem presented in a case study.

    • The case studies will be launched on the website and can be downloaded.
    • Participating Institutes are divided based on the subject area of the case study. Teams need to refer to rules and regulations mentioned to determine which case study they are eligible to download.
    • Only one submission per team will be taken into consideration.
    • Teams cannot change their choice of case study once they have sent in their submission.
    • The deadline for the submission is on or before 23:59 hours on 19th August 2019.

    Submission Guidelines:

    • Teams have to make their Submission on or before 23:59 hours of 19th August 2019 on the registration link.
    • The format of the Submission will have to be a one-page Google slide converted to a pdf document. No other formats (including zip files) will be accepted.
    • There are no restrictions on font size, style etc. but it should not result in a submission that is difficult to read by the judges.
    • The maximum size of the PDF file to be uploaded should not exceed 10MB.
    • The naming convention to be followed for the Submission is: CampusName_Team name_TeamLeaderName_CaseStudyChosen
    • Multiple submissions are not allowed.
    • We urge the Teams not to wait till the last moment to make their submission entries. Google or its affiliates’ shall not be responsible for any technical snags that may occur due to high volume.
    • No Team may revise, substitute, add, delete, or in any other manner alter their original Submission after it has been submitted.

    What we expect from the Submission:

    • Originality, clarity and uniqueness of the idea.
    • Innovative approach to the given problem.
    • Solution must be relevant to the given problem and should have a clear plan of action.
    • Solution should be succinct yet self-explanatory.
    • Feasibility of implementation, sustainability, scalability and it fits with Google’s vision.
    • Tables, diagrams, and charts are permitted on the one-pager, but are not necessary (attachment of an appendix slide is not allowed).
    • Relevant assumptions are backed by proper rationale.
    • References/sources to be quoted where required (as footnotes).

    What the Submission should not have:

    • It must not be derogatory, offensive, threatening, defamatory, disparaging, libelous or contain any content that is inappropriate, indecent, sexual, profane, tortuous, slanderous, discriminatory in any way, or that promotes hatred or harm against any group or person, or otherwise does not comply with the theme and spirit of the Competition.
    • It must not contain content, material or any element that is unlawful, or otherwise in violation of or contrary to any applicable laws.
    • It must not contain any content, material or element that displays any third party advertising, slogan, logo, trademark, or otherwise indicates a sponsorship or endorsement by a third party, commercial entity or that is not within the spirit of the Competition.
    • It must be original, unpublished work that does not contain, incorporate, or otherwise use any content, material or element that is owned by a third party or entity.


    • The judging panel as chosen by Google will evaluate all Submissions and shortlist Teams that are compelling and worthy of advancement based on the judging criteria.
    • One Team per Participating Institute will be shortlisted to progress to the Zonal Round.
    • Only in exceptional cases, Google reserves the right to allow wild card entries to the Zonal Round.
    • The decision made by the judging panel is final & binding.
    • The announcement of shortlisted Teams qualifying for the Zonal Round will be made on 27th August 2019.

    Round 2 (Zonal Round)


    • The launch of the Zonal Round will coincide with the declaration of results of the Campus Round. Each Zonal Round team shortlisted from the Campus Round will submit a presentation deepening their ideas as submitted in the Campus Round and present its business solution in person to a panel of judges
    • Deadline for submitting the Presentation is on or before 23:59 hours on September 1 2019.
    • Zonal Round Teams will be given twelve (12) minutes to present followed by an eight (8) minute “Question and Answer” session by the judging panel.
    • The Zonal Round will be hosted at one of the campuses of a participating institute classified into three (3) regions:
      • North Zone
      • South & East Zone
      • West Zone
    • Participating institutes for each region are listed
    • Details regarding the venue for the Zonal Round and the agenda of the event will be communicated to each Zonal Round Team by email. All Zonal Round Teams will need to travel to the respective Zone’s venues. The travel and accommodation will be covered. Zonal Round for campus winners of the User Experience and Safety case study will be held in West Zone.

    Presentation Guidelines:

    • The Presentation should not exceed ten (10) slides. Case Study chosen during Campus Round cannot be changed in further rounds.
    • The format of the Presentation will have to be Google slides and no other formats (including zip files) will be accepted.
    • Additionally, qualifying Zonal Round Teams will also have to submit a PDF version of their submission for our reference.
    • You are free to select font type, size etc. but it should not result in a submission that is difficult to read by our panel, during the presentation.
    • The maximum size of the file to be uploaded cannot exceed 100MB each (slide and PDF).
    • The naming convention to be followed is: Campus name_Team name_TeamLeaderName_Case StudyType
    • Deadlines will not be extended. If the qualifying Zonal Round Team does not submit the presentation by the deadline, then such team will be disqualified.
    • It will be the responsibility of the Zonal Round Team Leader to ensure that if not all team members at least two (2) members of the Team are present for the competition presentations on the scheduled day. In the event of at least two (2) members not being present at the start of the presentation, the team will be disqualified.


    • The judging panel will be chosen by Google who will evaluate the Presentation.
    • The decision made by the judging panel/evaluators are final and binding. 8 The announcement of shortlisted Zonal Round Teams qualifying for the National Round will be made on September 4, 2019, September 5, 2019, and September 6, 2019.

    Round 3 (National Finals)


    • Shortlisted Zonal Round Teams will be assigned a mentor to guide them for their pitch/presentation.
    • Teams will be allowed to make changes to the presentation submitted during the Zonal Round, however the teams cannot change the chosen case study.
    • The shortlisted Zonal Round Teams are only allowed to refine the solution and make cosmetic changes under the guidance of the mentor, with his/her permission. Major changes at this stage to the solution, approach, etc. are not allowed.


    • The revised Presentation will be submitted on or before 23:59 hours IST on September 12, 2019.
    • The final date of the National Finale will be communicated to the respective Zonal winners.
    • Selected Zonal Round Teams will present the revised presentation to a judging panel, and will get twelve (12) minutes for presenting their idea, and eight (8) minutes for Q&A.
    • At least two (2) members will have to be present for the presentation on the given date of the National Finale Round.
    • Details regarding the venue for the National Finale Round will be communicated to each team by email. All teams will need to travel to the National Finale venue. The travel and accommodation will be covered.


    • The judging panel as indicated by Google will review the presentation.
    • Top three teams will be selected as national winners.


    Judging of Rounds will be performed by a panel of judges selected by Google. Please note that any entry is subject to and evaluated based on the following broad parameters:

    • Structured thinking and processing strategy
    • Originality & innovation
    • Feasibility & scalability
    • Market intelligence/data insights/consumer insights
    • Presentation skills
    • Q&A session

    Teams are prohibited from communicating with any outside party and cannot solicit assistance from anyone (including staff, faculty advisor, other students) during the time they are participants of the competition, unless permitted by Google. Google's and/or any judge’s decision is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into in relation to such decision.

    Student prizes

    Top 3 teams at the National Finale will receive the following:

    First Prize:

    • Cash prize of INR 2,50,000 to the entire team.
    • Pre-placement interview offers for internship and final hiring.

    Second Prize:

    • Cash prize of INR 1,50,000 to the entire team.
    • Pre-placement interview offers for internship and final hiring.

    Third Prize:

    • Cash prize of INR 50,000 to the entire team
    • Pre-placement interview offers for internship and final hiring.

    All prizes may be revoked if a team is found to have violated any of the Rules or instructions of Google or is disqualified. The business and location related to the pre-placement interview offers for internship and final hiring will be at the discretion of Google.

  • Rules and regulations

    Rules and regulations

    To participate in the competition:

    • A student must be a first or second year student irrespective of their specialisation but enrolled in a full-time two (2) year flagship management program of a participating business school.
    • However, an exception is extended only to students of Indian School of Business which host a one year (1) management program who are allowed to participate. All other 1-year programs from of other Participating Institutes are currently not allowed.
    • Students must be Indian nationals. Foreign national students are not allowed to participate in this Competition.
    • Every student must have an official user account provided by the Participating Institute at which the student is enrolled. Verifying Eligibility. Google reserves the right to verify your eligibility. You agree to provide Google with any proof of eligibility requested by Google and your refusal or failure to timely provide such proof may result in the Team’s disqualification from the Competition. Participation as a Team:
    • Participation will be through teams of eligible students comprised of a minimum of two (2) or a maximum of three (3) students and enrolled at the listed Participating Institute First year students cannot form teams with 2nd year students and vice versa. A Team can only have team members from the same batch of the same institute.
    • All team members must independently meet the eligibility requirements of the Competition.
    • A student cannot be a member of more than one (1) Team.
    • Students going on an exchange program can participate as long as there are at least two (2) students in the Team that are not attending an exchange program and are physically available to attend the Competition.
    • Modification to a Team’s composition or Team details after registration/communicating acceptance to participate is not allowed.
    • Team members who compete at the beginning of the Competition must participate throughout the Competition Period, where the Team is shortlisted for the next round.
    • Any deviation from the above will result in immediate disqualification of the entire Team. Team Leader and Team Name:
    • Each Team must nominate one (1) member as the Team leader and may not be changed during the Competition Period (the “Team Leader”).
    • The Team Leader is the primary point of contact for the Team during the Competition.
    • Each Team must decide on a name for their Team. Your team name must be neutral and brief, without the use of offensive or vulgar language or violate the intellectual property rights of others. Google reserves the right to request for a change of the team name in its sole discretion.
  • FAQs


    How can we route our queries to Google regarding the case challenge? All queries from a campus are to be collated and sent by the POC/Campus Placement Committee to

    How many individuals can be on a team? One team can have a minimum of two and maximum of three members. An individual can not be part of more than one team.

    Who can participate in the competition? Case Challenge is open to first- or second-year students (irrespective of their specialisation) enrolled in a full-time, two-year flagship management program at one of the aforementioned business schools.

    Is the Case Challenge a continuation of the Google Online Challenge? No, Case Challenge and Google Online Challenge are different programs without any overlap or dependency on each other.

    I could not participate in the Google Online Challenge. Can I still register for this competition? Yes, these two are completely different initiatives.

    Can entries be modified after submission? No, once submitted, entries cannot be modified.

    I filled in the wrong details for one of my team members, how can I fix this? Entries can not be modified once submitted. Please be sure to double check all details before submitting.

    What if my registration link doesn't work or I can't submit my solution through the link? Please contact your POC/Placement Committee. Technical issues caused by last minute submissions will not be entertained.

    Do I need to register through my college email ID or can I use my personal email ID? Only your college email ID should be used for registration. Please don’t use your personal email ID.

    What if my submission exceeds the file size limit? The entry will be disqualified. Please ensure the files submitted are within the size limitation shared. For the first round, file size for the submission shouldn’t exceed 10MB.

    Will any exceptions be made for late entries due to technical difficulties at the time of submission? No, late entries will not be considered.

    Can one person be a part of two different teams? No, an individual cannot be part of more than one team.

    Do we need to send in our resumes? No, resumes are not accepted.

    The registration form can not be completed without the case solution. Can I not register in the beginning without having the case solution read? You can only register and submit the registration form with your final case solution. Only start filling out the form once your case solution is ready.

    Why are some campuses allowed to participate in specific case studies and not in all of them? As this is just the second edition of our Case Challenge we are opening new cases as pilot in a few campuses. By looking at the participation this year we will decide whether to launch all cases across all campuses in next year’s edition of this competition.